Minimum Wage Increase 2014

minimum wage increase obama


I don’t care whether your democrat or republic.

I don’t care if your black, white, brown, yellow, or red.

I could care less about what you thoughts are on illegal immigrants or whether we should build the Keystone pipeline.

While I typically hate writing about politics, I had to share this thought with you

What I do care about is employers doing their job to run this country in the right direction, and what impacts fools in Washington have on small business as a whole.

This leads me to something very pressing on my mind and something I actually have a very strong feeling about.

I’m going to express those feelings and I’d like to have constructive feedback from you… someone who also operates or plans on operating a successful business

The Minimum Wage Increase 2014…cost of hiring

Obama has never been one to shy away from flexing his power. Executive order after executive order has led us to a nation of trolls following our President’s words as if they were written from a golden scribe.

Again we have another executive order coming forth. President Barack Hussein Obama is scheduled to unilaterally increase the minimum wage for new workers from $7.25 an hour to $10.10 an hour. Democratic lawmakers have pushed this bill (like so many others) applying directly to employees performing services for the federal government and would affect more than 2 million employees.

Is This A Good Thing?

Depends on what you believe in…

Here’s why.

What do you think the minimum wage was intended to do? What is it’s purpose for the economy?

Is the purpose of the minimum wage for middle aged adults and parents to survive on?


Is the purpose of the minimum wage for young people to grow their working experience while being compensated fairly?

I’ll let you decide but I personally believe the latter.

Critics believe it will have an adverse affect on hiring as employee costs with healthcare, now minimum wage have literally put thousands of businesses out of business.
You’ve got to be asking yourself… “How will I have the capital to grow?”

Let’s Add To The Mayhem!

Obama likes to keep business owners on their toes. I mean let’s be honest right.

Does he really care about us, the business owner.


If you don’t believe me, go read the papers.
You know the only reason he hasn’t increase minimum wage in the private sector is because that executive order is not complete.

Believe me. It’s coming

So what are we to do?

Whenever we have a president in power who believes in social equality, income equality, spreading the wealth, and adhering to the lower-middle class, business owners are always faced with a rough few years. As business owners, we are faced to adapt, cut expenses, and re-position our business to thrive in an environment where there’s no water to feed us.

The Only Thing That Feeds Us Is Our Ability To Market

I don’t care whether you live in Texas, Alabama, Louisiana


California, Massachusetts or Connecticut

The minimum wage increase 2014 will affect you.

Your ability to market better than your competition will allow you to keep your marketing expenses down while everything, every expense you don’t have control of skyrockets.

It Will Be Critical To Your Survival

So tell me what are your thoughts on this new minimum wage increase 2014. What affects will it have on your business?

Will you have to cut back on employees?
Maybe have a hiring freeze?

Will you be able to grow as you wanted?

Does it affect your thoughts on our current president and what his agenda is?

I’d really like your feed back and again… I’m apologizing for the politics.

You’ve seen a rare side of me today ;)

Have a great day


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  • sharon

    Reply Reply March 6, 2014

    I think our minimum wage should $15 an hour. If its $ 7 you can’t afford to eat. Economic 101 look it up. My taxes make up the difference for these worthless employers. No matter what we are paying a higher wage. They call it welfare!

    • Nick Bentley

      Reply Reply March 6, 2014

      Sharon- Welfare actually pays more than the current minimum wage in the majority of US states. However, teens and entry level job positions are not meant to be on welfare. Increased minimum wage will be passed onto the consumer. Do you agree?

  • Joe

    Reply Reply March 6, 2014

    I’ll have to increase prices across the board.

  • Phil

    Reply Reply March 6, 2014

    Haven’t really looked into it but I’m sure it’s going to hurt the small businesses. Nothing in the future shows that they are doing to help the small business.

  • anthony poree

    Reply Reply March 6, 2014

    Business owner’s don’t go into business to to creat job’s, they go into business to get rich, and make a profit… And jobless rates, and the minimum wage is not the president’s fault, it’s congress lack of vision, and wasteful spending that’s our country unemployed… NAFTA, and a unfair trade policy with japan, and the fact that congress promoted policies, and penned legislation that allows companies to suck real living wage paying jobs out of our country… What happen to all the union scale wage jobs??? Relocated to mexico, and canada, so all that’s left are service industry jobs like, McDonalds, and Walmart!!! Besides, owners are just looking for an ex excuse to raise prices on consumers… They thought it would be Obamacare, now what??? The minimum wage should be adjusted for inflation anyway, people do have to live you know…

    • Nick Bentley

      Reply Reply March 6, 2014

      Anthony I agree with some of your points. Do you think business must increase price of product due to increased cost burdens from Washington?

  • anthony poree

    Reply Reply March 6, 2014

    Actually jobs to china, and abroad… Not Japan!!!

  • CL Stevens

    Reply Reply March 6, 2014

    It will be hard for businesses but as entrepreneurs we always find away to male it work in our favor i.e. tax time. In the meantime the job market sucks, again no our problem but fellow Americans need help and we must step up. That individual with the master’s checking you out at Wal-Mart will appreciate it.

  • claudell

    Reply Reply March 6, 2014

    Good for the president about time someone do something, instead of just, robbing the low income, and middle class, most of the people complaining or just greedy Republicans, their the reason this country in the financial crisis, bad mortgage loans, forcing senior citizens back to work, because they stole their pension, don’t get me started, these so called Christians, if they would read the Bible it’s apart of God’s plan for a social government.

  • Nick Bentley

    Reply Reply March 6, 2014

    Claudell, that’s an interesting view point. Thanks for your input.

  • Andy

    Reply Reply March 6, 2014

    As half of a new home cost is labor, with a 30% increase in labor cost, I think house prices will rise 15%. Tough pill to swallow.

    • Nick Bentley

      Reply Reply March 6, 2014

      Andy- Great point… Thanks for your feedback

    • CRAIG

      Reply Reply March 6, 2014


  • Keith

    Reply Reply March 6, 2014

    I feel that what the president is doing is ruining what this country, lets give the needy what they want, but yet they do not want to work hard for it. People should be doing what I am doing working contract jobs and go to school at night working on my undergraduate degree in accounting.

    The minimum wage can be increased, but not that much. the government is robin hood stealing from the rich and giving to the poor scenario. sorry, my thought.

    • Nick Bentley

      Reply Reply March 7, 2014

      Keith thanks for your feedback. There are a lot of people who agree with you.


    Reply Reply March 6, 2014


  • Anita romero

    Reply Reply March 6, 2014

    My husband and I own a carpet cleaning and janitorial business. The wage hike is no good for our company because that will increase payroll taxes liability insurance and workers compensation. We have to bid jobs and include all of the expenses in our bids. Most of the time we don’t get them because our bids are too high. Obama needs to reform liability and the workers compensations company’s as well. If we are late or miss a payment we are cancelled just like that.

    • Nick Bentley

      Reply Reply March 7, 2014

      Anita- many people who bid for jobs use financing as a tools to never miss out. The wage hikes will certainly increase expenses across the board for business owners. Thanks for your input.

  • alfonza

    Reply Reply March 7, 2014

    It’s not just 1 group of peoples fault,it’s most peoples greed,when JP Morgan,for example gave a boosts two the economy many years ago it worked,now I’m not talking about people with less then 5million,the ones that have more then that can come together and we would have no economic problems,but some people fill like they would lose there power,but they would have more power,some of the riches people can not see how to make things work,but they have the power to,do you know how many smart,gifted people that just feel stuck,because no one will give them a shot,I c that good things can happen from the people,instead of downing each other,we should bring each other up.

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