Business Revenue Lending

Quick Working Capital For Growing Businesses

bank_iconBusiness Revenue Lending is based on businesses that are currently operating and who are generating bank deposits. Because that is the only thing that revenue based lending depends on…bank deposits.

Business owners that use this type of financing are looking to make moves in their business quickly. Because of the benefits of revenue based lending, it’s one of our most popular products. It allows the business owner to access cash from their business without personal credit requirements and many times without any collateral or personal guarantee. So for entrepreneurs looking for small business loans for bad credit, this is a perfect financial vehicle.

Depending on the credit and the type of credit presented with the merchant account and bank statements, our lenders will provide you the lowest rates available.

Here Are The Guidelines

  • Length in business greater than 6 months
  • Minimum $10,000 in business bank deposits
  • A “non” sole proprietor
  • Access to last 6 months bank statements
  • Access to last 6 months merchant statements
  • Annual gross revenue of $100,000
  • Over 15 monthly transactions
  • Bankruptcy’s seasoned from discharge for minimum 2 years
  • Personal credit better- No requirements- Personal Credit will affect rate
  • If in collections of judgements positive payment plan

Here Are The Terms

    • Fixed Interest
    • Fixed Payments
    • No collateral
    • Many Times No Personal Guarantee
    • Micro payments collected only on business days
    • (2%-3%) of expected daily receivables
    • 3-18 month terms

Business revenue lending is designed to be a short term loan

The lender will withdrawal money every day once the funding is dispersed, Monday-Friday. No weekend. No Holidays

You need to ask yourself a question when it comes to business revenue lending… will you ROI on the investment and is it worth the loan?

Business Revenue lending is a fee based, short term micro business loan and the fact it is short term, you will be paying a higher rate than a traditional SBA loan. Generally speaking, if you are averaging $100,000 a month in receivables and you have over 700 credit you will receive the lowest rates and the longest payback period  and in theory you’re RIO should trump anyone else’s.

But at the end of the day it comes to one thing…

What would you do if you didn’t take out this loan? Would you pass up an order you cannot fill? Would you not be able to hire the personnel necessary to handle the client influx? Would you not be able to purchase the leads necessary to use your sales team efficiently?

Contact a finance manager today to talk about revenue based lending and business loans for bad credit so you won’t have to suffer any of these. Within a few short days you can have working capital in your business bank account.

Here’s an example of how Business Revenue Lending works:

Mr. Smith owns a food service. He’s currently generating $32,000-$40,000 a month, been in business 3 years and has a FICO of 550. His bank statements have no negative days and only 1 NSF. He has ended the previous 6 months with a daily balance of $1200

Mr. Smith is looking for a piece of equipment that costs $20,000. He believes can generate an additional $12,000 per month once the equipment is up and running.

Mr. Smith contacts Bentley Capital Ventures and is approved for a $20,000 loan on Monday. The term is 9 months loan with a daily payment of $135.75. On Tuesday the funds are deposited into Mr. Smith’s business bank account and Wednesday the  daily withdrawal begins.

Thursday Mr. Smith is able to purchase his new piece of equipment and he’s live….

Here’s the math of the deal:

Mr. Smith believes with a $20,000 he’ll be able to change revenues from $32000- $40000 to $44000-$52000 every month. His loan has been approved with a $135.75 daily payback. There are 22 business days in the month. This equals $2986.50 as a monthly payback to Bentley Capital Ventures and/or affiliates.

During the first month, Mr. Smith virtually covers 50% of the loan in new revenue because of the piece of equipment and is able to continue generating revenue at a rapid pace

If you want to use our revenue based loan calculator you’ll have a good idea of what you can get approved for based on monthly deposits and credit score range.

Additional Benefits To Business Revenue Lending:

Many of our partners will allow the business owner to “re-up” once 50% of the balance on the loan is paid off. So business owners can add additional funds into the business account if need be. This allows someone with troubled credit, trouble bank statements, a restricted industry ect. to access additional funds where the alternative would be a bank turn down.



For a complete guide on revenue based loans we’ve compiled a full 5 chapter guide on everything from terms conditions and guidelines, to the underwriting process, to what can kill your chances of approval

You can find and read the entire guide by clicking below:

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